Why HubTrader

Since 2005 HubTrader is a global online broker.  We at HubTrader value most our clients, our clients are our top priority , and for the core of our business policies. HubTrader from the start has lead the market by offering zero market spreads and low commissions, superior trading and fast execution.


At HubTrader our traders have access to the trading system with the most rewarding experience in the market, where more traders are able to take advantage. We offer fast order execution, achieved through newest technology.

Our Service

We all know that the market does not sleep, nether do we. Using our services you have the opportunity to trade for as log as the market stays open and alive.  Our Customer service will always be able to provide the support you need.


Our platform meets the highest security standards in the industry. All the actions take by you in our platform are kept in highly encrypted formats as well as your personal details. This is allowing our traders to trade with confidence.