About Us

We’ve been in the Fintech and brokerage business for over 7 years. Our team started at the bottom and worked our way up the ranks. We understand traders, we understand technology and in 2011 we bootstrapped our first online trading brokerage.
By 2016, with over 3,500 active traders from all corners of the globe; we decided to focus purely on Cryptocurrency trading. It made sense to us and was inline with what our customers wanted. We launched Hubtrader in 2017.

Our mission is to keep things simple. Great technology, no hassle customer service and focus purely on providing the best trading conditions so that traders and investors alike can enjoy Cryptocurrency trading for what it is.

We welcome you to Hubtrader and invite you to enjoy all the benefits that come with Cryptocurrency trading with a boutique brokerage that cares about your success.
If you would like more information about our company, team or would simply like to discuss what we can offer you, please get in touch.